I spent my summers as far back as I can recall enjoying the lakes and oceans on
and around Cape Cod by boat.  Wooden boats early on, and now fiberglass.  I
worked summers in High School at a local marina as an outboard mechanic.  I
hold a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management, but my passion has been
boating.  Several restorations of wooden and fiberglass boats have resulted in an
intensive hands-on experience in boat construction, electrical, water, waste, and
mechanical systems for power and sail.     

I have drawn on this lifetime of boating and earned a Certificate in Yacht and
Small Craft Surveying from the
Chapman School of Seamanship.  This respected
program is one of a kind and its
graduates are generally given 1 years credit
towards the usual 5 years apprentice time in the Society of Accredited Marine
Surveyors.  The marine insurance and lenders industry and SAMS® are working
together to standardize the marine survey.  This being the case, all member
surveyors that meet the rigid criteria of SAMS® are also universally and uniquely
accepted by the marine insurance and lenders institutions as qualified
professionals. Since graduating from Chapman's I have completed hundreds of
surveys and passed the rigid SAMS® exam to become an Accredited Marine
Surveyor- AMS® designation, of which I am incredibly proud.

Additionally, I have studied and 3 times passed the very difficult "Marine
Standards" exam given by the American Boating and Yacht Council, Inc. More
recently completed and passed the exam for "Marine Electrical Systems" The only
certification of its' kind available. ABYC is a not-for-profit membership supported
organization that has been developing, writing and updating the safety standards
for boat building and repair in the United States for nearly 50 years.  ABYC is
actively involved with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and
is a leader in education for the marine industry, as well as certification programs
for marine technicians.  A working knowledge of the laws enforced by the United
States government, (US Coast Guard), which are the Code of Federal
Regulations / Titles 33 and 46, Marine Polution Act / MARPOL, and the
international COLREGS, is necessary to pass the ABYC accreditation
I am
ABYC Standards Certified for:
Project (H): HULL

I am
ABYC Marine Electrical Certified for:
Project (E-10 and 11) specializing in onboard AC and DC electrical systems.

I am
NMEA 0400 Certified for ship's navigational electronics installations.
(The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) works closely with the
National Marine Manufactures Association (
NMMA) to develop and adopt
standards for the correct installation and maintenance of today's sophisticated
navigational equipment).

Additionally I have been educated by the US Congressionally authorized Appraisal
Foundation to appraise yachts as outlined by the Uniform Standards of
Professional Appraisal Practice or
USPAP. (The same organization that oversees
appraisal practice for real estate and all property valuating). Ask any appraiser...
this is an intense course with a very difficult final exam.

I am also qualified for insurance damage surveying. Experience and training again
from Chapman School of Seamanship- Damage and Claims program. I regularly
attend the damage and claims seminar given by
Knox Marine. I am a member of
the Internation Association of Marine Investigators
IAMI and have successfully
competed a 20 hour seminar, field work, and exam by the International
Association of Arson Investigation Massachusetts Chapter-  
MIAAI "Marine
Vessel Fire Investigation 101".

I maintain active memberships in:
Cape Cod Marine Trades Association
The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®
American Boating and Yacht Council (ABYC®)
Boat US®
Boatpokers® Marine Surveyors Information Exchange
International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI
National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA®)
BUC®  Research
USPAP Appraisal Standards
Certified by: